Audition Information

Theatre Majors

An audition is not required for you to be considered for a scholarship. Other factors are considered for those who do not audition (grade point, recommendations, and/or ACT/SAT, for example.)

  • Prepare two contrasting monologues. The maximum time for both piece is two minutes. If you have a strong one minute monologue, do not add to it just to fill the time.
  • The audition pieces should be taken from modern prose plays. Poetry is not acceptable for audition material.
  • The audition pieces should be in your age range.
  • The audition pieces should display your strengths.
  • Avoid monologues which call for a dialect!
  • Do not select monologues from classical plays (Shakespeare, English Restoration, etc.).
  • Avoid well-known material (example: Tom's opening speech from The Glass Menagerie) or material associated with a particular actor (example: Matthew Broderick in Biloxi Blues).
  • Do not select a monologue which "challenges you." Stay comfortably within your range.
  •  Audition pieces should not be emotionally draining. There needs to be a build in such pieces, and you will not have enough time to get into it.
  • Do not establish eye contact with the auditioners unless the character in the monologue is supposed to be speaking to the audience.
  • If you would like to work with another actor and present scenes rather than monologues, the above suggestions still apply. If you choose to do this, the maximum time for each scene is three minutes.

Call or write the department of theatre and communication for an appointment.
If you choose to audition and cannot come to Hattiesburg, you may submit a video tape of your audition. Remember that a video tape of your audition maybe submitted if a trip to the university is not possible.

If you are asking to be considered on the basis of a review of experience:
You may submit a resume, a list of your experiences, or a portfolio. If you have photographs of technical theatre work or renderings of design work, these may be submitted.