Complaint Policy

WCU DPT Program Complaint Process

When interested outside parties experience difficulties with program faculty, staff, policies, procedures, or practices, they may file a complaint. Faculty and staff should strive to resolve differences closest to the source to avoid the need for a formal complaint.  However, if an unsatisfied individual wishes to file a formal complaint, they must do so in writing, to the program director. The program director investigates and attempts to resolve the complaint directly as circumstances indicate.  If no resolution is available from the program director, or the complaint involves the program director, the complainant may proceed to the Associate Vice President of Health Programs, followed by the President of the University. The complaint policy resides on the program’s website for public use. 

The program stores the program’s formal complaints, along with the resolution process and outcome in electronic format in the “Complaints” folder on the departmental drive.  Under no circumstances will the filing individual receive untoward consequences or retaliation in response to filing a complaint.

Students wishing to file complaints must follow the grievance/complaint policies in the WCU Student Handbook and DPT Learner Handbook.

Complaints may be filed with:

Dr. Cyndi Scott, PT, PhD
Physical Therapy Program Director
710 William Carey Parkway, Box 9
Hattiesburg, MS 39401


Dr. Janet Williams, RN, PhD
Associate Vice President of Health Programs
710 William Carey Parkway, Box 9
Hattiesburg, MS 39401