Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping software allows the WCUCOM to more easily identify what is being taught in the curriculum by content area, topic, course, session, teaching method, assessment method, and relationship to course and curriculum objectives.

  • Provide information needed to insure that we are meeting curriculum objectives
  • Identify gaps and redundancies in curriculum content
  • Meet the needs of COCA reporting requirements
  • Assist faculty in planning and conducting courses by providing information about content that precedes and follows individual courses
  • Support vertical and horizontal integration in the curriculum
  • Provide a guide to the curriculum that may assist students in studying for courses and examinations

As we work through the mapping of the current curriculum we will use the information gathered to guide pilot projects during the curriculum revision process. Once the implementation begins for the new curriculum, we will continue with curriculum mapping as a means to support continuity in curriculum delivery and to promote continuous evaluation and improvement.