Degrees Offered

A degree in Chemistry is highly desirable in this increasingly technical world. A solid background in Chemistry is integral to modern research in medicine, the environment, new materials, and energy technology. Beyond careers in the discipline itself, those who major in Chemistry as undergraduates can go into engineering, medicine, business, education, and even law, where a technical background is a necessity in the areas of patent and environmental law, for example. The degree plan at William Carey is flexible enough to satisfy the demands of  students interested in  immediate employment as a professional chemist, chemistry teacher or  post-graduate studies in chemistry or  a health-care profession.

All Chemistry majors must fulfill the core curriculum requirements for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).  A minor is required.

In addition to the B.S. or B.A. core curriculum requirements, all Chemistry majors must complete the Chemistry curriculum, which consists of the following:

19 hours of Chemistry core coursework to include Inorganic Chemistry  I and  II, Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I and II and
16 hours of upper level Chemistry coursework that include any of the following: Analytical Chemistry I and II, Biochemistry, Instrumental Analysis, or Physical Chemistry I and II (Physical Chemistry I and II are recommended for all that are interested in post-graduate study in Chemistry.).
Although no specific Math coursework is required, Math coursework through Calculus II is recommended.

Chemistry Minor

Twenty-one semester hours of Chemistry coursework , including Inorganic I and II, Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I and II,  and one of the following: Analytical Chemistry I, Analysis Chemistry II, Physical Chemistry I, Biochemistry,  Qualitative Organic Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, and   Special Topics in Chemistry. Transfer students requiring 6 hours from William Carey University in their minor may also count Chemistry Seminar..