Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The purpose of the School of Education is to provide professional training and study that will prepare the education student to pursue a career in the field of education.  This training is characterized by course content, field assignments, practica, and clinical experiences. 

Our Mission: To develop caring, reflective decision makers.

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for the development of undergraduate and graduate curricula in

  1. Elementary Education K-6

    1. B.S. Elementary Education

      1. Endorsements in

        1. Mild and Moderate Disabilities K-12
        2. Reading Education K-12
        3. Mathematics Education 7-12
        4. Social Studies Education 7-12
        5. Science Education 7-12
        6. English Education 7-12
    2. Master of Education M.Ed.

      1. M.Ed. Elementary Education
      2. M.Ed. in the Art of Teaching Elementary Education
    3. Educational Specialist

      1. Ed.S. Elementary Education
  2. Secondary Education 7-12

    1. B.S. Social Studies Education
    2. B.A. English Education
    3. B.S. Mathematics Education
    4. B.S. Biology Education
    5. B.S. Biology/Chemistry Education
    6. M.Ed. Secondary Education
    7. M.Ed. in the Art of Teaching Secondary Education
    8. M.Ed. Social Studies Education
    9. M.Ed. English Education
    10. M.Ed. Biology Education
    11. Ed.S. Secondary Education
  3. Special Subjects K-12

    1. B.F.A. Art Education
    2. M.Ed. Art Education
    3. M.Ed. Gifted Education
    4. M.Ed. Dyslexia Therapy
    5. M.Ed. Mild and Moderate Disabilities