Department of Educational Leadership



The Vision of William Carey University's Leadership program is to equip educational leadership candidates to become change agents for positively impacting students' lives socially, emotionally, and academically starting in early childhood, elementary, and secondary education and continuing through to community colleges and universities.


The Department of Educational Leadership offers these education programs for K-12 Educational Leaders:

  • M.Ed. in Educational Leadership - Principal Certification Kindergarten through 12th grade;
  • Ed.S. in Educational Leadership - Principal Certification Kindergarten through 12th grade;
  • Ed.S. in Instructional Leadership or Instructional Assessment;
  • Post-Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership (Alternative Route Principal Program)

    • EDL 606 Judicial and Ethics Consideration
    • EDL 607 Instructional Leadership

In Higher Education, the Department of Educational Leadership offers:

  • Ed.S. in Higher Education Administration;
  • Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration;
  • Ph.D. In Higher Education Administration.

Goals and Objectives

  • Effective leaders develop and articulate reasonable personal and school goals;
  • Effective leaders are instructional leaders and administrators and are knowledgeable about analyzing data, identifying, securing, and organizing appropriate resources for effective learning communities;
  • Effective leaders create nurturing and caring educational environments;
  • Effective leaders are knowledgeable about safe practices regarding ethical, legal, social, and political issues;
  • Effective leaders skillfully communicate with internal and external publics; and
  • Effective leaders skillfully practice leadership theories in real world settings.

Contact the Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership at 601-318-6626 or  For information concerning Higher Education Administration degrees, contact Dr. Jalynn Roberts at 601-318-6778 or