Christian Ministries

T. Brett Golson, Ph.D. (Chair)

The Department of Christian Ministries prepares students for leadership roles in various areas of Christian ministry. We train leaders to 1) faithfully exegete and communicate Scripture, 2) effectively apply biblical doctrines, 3) compassionately ministers to the needs of the congregation through pastoral ministry, and 4) intentionally lead the local church to fulfilling the Great Commission locally and globally.

Students may choose a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree for all majors offered in the Department of Christian Ministries.

Global Missions

Intercultural Studies (Major or Minor)

Intercultural Studies (ICS) is a 30 hour major. Students may earn 15 credit hours through practicums and internships (mission trips). This academic flexibility allows students to double major in ICS and another discipline such as business, education, health profession, or another area that will prepare them to be marketplace professionals. We prepare our students to be mission focused pastors, missionaries, military chaplains, humanitarian relief workers and church planters.

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Entrepreneurial Missionary

The Cross Cultural Business Management major is a Bachelor of Science in Business degree conferred by the William Carey School of Business. This major was designed to prepare missionaries for overseas service in economic development, business management, and marketing while also preparing them for ministry. The CCBM major combines the general education requirements for a B.S.B. with 48 hours of business courses and 30 hours of Intercultural Studies to meet the growing need for entrepreneurial mission work.

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Medical Missionary

William Carey University can help you prepare to be a medical missionary. Students would double major in Intercultural Studies and Biology or Chemistry. The Intercultural Studies degree introduces students to historical and contemporary mission paradigms, theology, and various world religions. Students will receive academic credit for medical mission trips as well as the opportunity to serve 10 weeks in a medical facility either in the US or abroad. Receiving a Biology (Pre-med) degree would qualify students to apply for medical, dental, or veterinary school. Additionally, students may choose Physical Therapy degree, Pharmacy degree or Nursing degree as a means to prepare for medical missions.

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Christian Ministries

Christian Ministries (Major or Minor)

The Christian Ministries (CM) major offers foundational courses to prepare students to fill ministry positions within the local church. Students will be taught to faithfully exegete and communicate Scripture, effectively apply biblical doctrines, compassionately minister to the needs of the congregation, and intentionally lead the church to fulfill the Great Commission both locally and globally.

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Pastoral Ministry (Minor)

Students who minor in Pastoral Ministry will take four preaching courses that will train them to be proficient in biblical interpretation, expository sermon/lesson preparation, and sermon delivery skills. This minor emphasizes the authority of the inspired scriptures in preaching.

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Youth Ministry (Minor)

Those desiring to work with students may choose our Youth Ministry minor. Students will receive interdisciplinary instructions that will prepare them for the various aspects of youth ministry.

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The Holloway Center

The Holloway Center was established as a resource center for busy pastors who wish to continue sharpening their skills in preaching, leadership, and pastoral ministry. The Center hosts a number of events each year from various ministry related areas such as how to prepare and preach an expository sermon. For more information visit our website at

The Owen and Elizabeth Cooper Institute of Missions

Tim Glaze, D.Min., Director

Named for the outstanding Mississippi Baptist industrialist Owen Cooper and his wife Elizabeth, the institute promotes missions awareness, conducts missions seminars, provides training, assists with planning of university affiliated mission trips, and evaluates the disbursement of missions funds. By providing opportunities for local, national, and international mission experiences, the institute prepares students to communicate the Gospel responsibly in an intercultural context. Owen Cooper was the only Mississippian to serve as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of only two laymen to serve in that position.