Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Jeanna Graves

Administrative Assistant to the Department of Theatre and Communications/Advisor for the Crusader
(601) 318-6218

Susan Curry

Interim Director of Institutional Research
(601) 318-6773

Betty Boney

Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs Office
(601) 318-6101

Jessica McCaughan

Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs

Brandon Dillon

Associate Director of Admissions and Director of International Admissions
(601) 318-6104

Jason Douglas

Graduate Office Manager
(601) 318-6774

Renee Extine

Graduate Data Specialist
(601) 318-6227

Deanna Graves

Admissions Applications Manager
(601) 318-6429

Christy Johnsey

Administrative Assistant
(601) 318-6103

Alissa King

Director of Admissions
(601) 318-6474

Brennan Pitts

Undergraduate Recruiter & Admissions Counselor

Kristina Wheat

Undergraduate Recruiter and Admissions Counselor
(601) 318-6007

Kathrin L White

Undergraduate Recruiter and Admissions Counselor
(601) 318-6473

Shelia Brown

Administrative Assistant for External Relations
(601) 318-6192

Nancy Reeves

Switchboard Operator
(601) 318-6702

Stefan Sartori

Coordinator of Advancement Services
(601) 318-6068

Pam Shearer

Annual Fund Director and Special Gifts Officer & Curator, Gillespie Museum
(601) 318-6107

Barbara Tillery

Coordinator of Desktop Publishing/Copy Room Supervisor
(601) 318-6439

Eric Burt

Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball
(601) 318-6510

Craig Fletcher

Assistant Coach, Softball
(601) 318-6617

Marc Lux

Head Coach, Tennis
(601) 318-6631

Lisa Mann

Graduate Assistant, Soccer

DJ Pulley

Athletic Director
(601) 318-6111

Ben Smith

Assistant Coach, Baseball; Head Coach, Cross Country
(601) 318-6110

Tammy Adams

Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Student Accounts Representative and Administrative Assistant for the Business Office
(601) 318-6574