Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

David Brockway

Coordinator of Instructional Technology
(601) 318-6426

Sharon Schamber-Jones

Instructor of Business
(601) 318-6198

Candice Aycock

Part-time Instructor of Education

James Coleman

Catalog and Systems Librarian/Instructor of Education
(601) 318-6783

Joseph Hartfield

Instructor of Physical Education

Patrivan Yuen

Technical Services/Systems Librarian and Instructor of Education
(601) 318-6781

Edison Williams

Instructor of Philosophy and Language and Literature
(601) 318-6445

Wes Cameron

Visiting Instructor of Music
(601) 318-6425

Kimberle Moon

Artist In Residence and Instructor Voice and Vocal Arts
(601) 318-6182

Emily Scott

Instructor of Nursing
(601) 318-6037

Jill Smith

Instructor of Nursing

Karen Taylor

Instructor of Nursing
(601) 318-6489

Greg Bullock

Instructor of Physical Education, Chair, Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
(601) 318-6558

Danny Owens

Instructor of Physical Education; Head Coach, Women's Soccer
(601) 318-6589

Kelly Caffery

Lecturer in Biological Sciences and Psychology
(601) 318-6780

Olivia Burkett

Lecturer in Psychology
(601) 318-6122

Diane Williams

Lecturer in Psychology and Counseling
(601) 318-6470

Read Diket

Professor of Art and Education/Director of Center for Creative Scholars
(601) 318-6205

Allison Chestnut

Professor of Language and Literature
(601) 318-6135

Thomas Richardson

Professor of Language and Literature and Chair, Department of Language and Literature
(601) 318-6593

Rafeal Sanchez-Alonso

Professor of Spanish

Lakeisha Cunningham

Part-time Professor of Biological Sciences

Noel Mann

Professor of Chemistry & Physical Sciences

Charlotte McShea

Professor of Mathematics and Education
(601) 318-6173

Paul Cotten

Professor of Music and Psychology
(601) 318-6416