Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Samuel Scott, Ph.D.

Professor of Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy)
(601) 318-6095

Gregg Silberg, DO

Director of Graduate Medical Education, Chair, Internal Medicine, Professor, Clinical Sciences

Leslie Wimsatt, PhD

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Professor of Clinical Sciences (Medical Education, Family Medicine)
(601) 318-6099

Ben Waddle

Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
(601) 318-6186

Laine Bourdene

Coordinator of ELC, Dual-Credit, and QEP Programs and Services; Instructor of Anthropology
(601) 318-6580

Max Hutchinson

Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(601) 318-6470

Regina Knight

Coordinator of Asset Management and Special Projects
(601) 318-6428

Shirley Edmundson

Administrative Assistant for the Noonkester School of Arts and Letters
(601) 318-6118

Dolores O'Mary

Administrative Assistant in the Language and Literature Department on the Hattiesburg campus
(601) 318-6592

Jeanna Graves

Administrative Assistant to the Department of Theatre and Communications/Advisor for the Crusader
(601) 318-6218

Susan Curry

Assistant Director of Institutional Research
(601) 318-6773

Tammy Dossett

Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs Office
(601) 318-6101

Jessica Clark

Undergraduate Recruiter and Admissions Counselor

Brandon Dillon

Associate Director of Admissions and Director of International Admissions
(601) 318-6104

Jason Douglas

Graduate Office Manager
(601) 318-6774

Renee Extine

Graduate Data Specialist
(601) 318-6227

Deanna Graves

Admissions Applications Manager
(601) 318-6429

Christy Johnsey

Administrative Assistant
(601) 318-6103

Alissa King

Director of Admissions
(601) 318-6474

Shane McInnis

Undergraduate Recruiter and Admissions Counselor
(601) 318-6534

Meagan Smith

Undergraduate Recruiter and Admissions Counselor
(601) 318-6106

Kristina Wheat

Undergraduate Recruiter and Admissions Counselor
(601) 318-6007

Kathrin L White

Undergraduate Recruiter and Admissions Counselor
(601) 318-6473

Shelia Brown

Administrative Assistant for External Relations
(601) 318-6192

Nancy Reeves

Switchboard Operator
(601) 318-6702