Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Nicole Aranda

Instructor of Library Services and Public Services Librarian
(601) 318-6787

Jim Myers

Instructor of Education and Public Service Librarian
(601) 318-6169

Joy Rouse

Administrative Assistant for the Library on the Hattiesburg Campus
(601) 318-6782

Edward Ford

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Gallery Director

Chatham Kemp

Gallery Curator/Assistant Professor of Art
(601) 318-6528

Charlotte Green

Administrative Assistant to the President
(601) 318-6495

Nancy Barnard

Records Specialist

Deborah Blackwell

Records Specialist
(601) 318-6194

Vivian Clark

Receptionist/Records Specialist
(601) 318-6197

Susan Dickey

Assistant to the Registrar
(601) 318-6168

Paula Nicovich

Records Specialist-Data Entry
(601) 318-6625

Pam Shearer

Annual Fund Director and Special Gifts Officer & Curator, Gillespie Museum
(601) 318-6107

Allen Bonner

(601) 318-6211

Kourtney Hollingsworth

Area Coordinator for Women's Housing

Shane McInnis

Counselor II for Student Services & Career Services Counselor
(601) 318-6534

Sparkle Polk

Administrative Assistant for Student Support Services
(601) 318-6208

Allen Bonner

(601) 318-6211

Darryn Cook-Kelley

Coordinator of Intramural Sports

Kimberly DeLorenze

Administrative Assistant for Student Life
(601) 318-6216

Barry Farrell

Coordinator of Intramural Activities/Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
(601) 318-6443

Sparkle Polk

Administrative Assistant for Student Support Services
(601) 318-6208

Emily Sheckells

Director of Student Activities
(601) 318-6444

Laurie Glaze

Assistant Professor of Business
(601) 318-6187

Pamela Jones

Assistant Professor of Business
(601) 318-6449

Michael Madaris

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
(601) 318-6202