Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Kourtney Hollingsworth

Area Coordinator for Women's Housing

Sparkle Polk

Administrative Assistant for Student Support Services
(601) 318-6208

Melinda Winstead

Academic Coordinator in Student Support Services/Instructor in Study Skills and Humanities
(601) 318-6210

Allen Bonner

(601) 318-6211

Darryn Cook-Kelley

Coordinator of Intramural Sports

Kimberly DeLorenze

Administrative Assistant for Student Life
(601) 318-6216

Barry Farrell

Coordinator of Intramural Activities/Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
(601) 318-6443

Sparkle Polk

Administrative Assistant for Student Support Services
(601) 318-6208

Missy Ready

Administrative Assistant for Student Services
(601) 318-6779

Emily Sheckells

Director of Student Activities
(601) 318-6444

Laurie Glaze

Assistant Professor of Business
(601) 318-6187

Pamela Jones

Assistant Professor of Business
(601) 318-6449

Michael Madaris

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
(601) 318-6202

Jimmy McCay

Assistant Professor of Business
(601) 318-6201

Eric Reidenbach

Associate Professor of Business
(228) 702 -1857

David Brockway

Coordinator of Instructional Technology
(601) 318-6426

Sharon Schamber-Jones

Instructor of Business
(601) 318-6198

Tressa Valentine

Professor of Business

Susan Sanders

Administrative Assistant
(601) 318-6199

Phyllis Armstrong

Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6142

Allison Downing

Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6604

Cena Holifield

Assistant Professor of Education and Coordinator of the Master of Education in Dyslexia Therapy (Part-time)

Lynne Houston

Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Church Relations/Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6231

Bitsy Miller

Part-time Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6217

Jalynn Roberts

Coordinator of the Program in Higher Education/Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6778