In-Kind Gifts

A unique but special way that alumni can contribute to William Carey University is by donating a gift in-kind.  These gifts may widely vary depending on the circumstance, but have historically ranged anywhere from construction-related items for new buildings to paintings and furnishings for offices.  Significant memorabilia and other Carey spirit items would also be included as an in-kind gift.

On select occasions, in-kind gifts will be appraised for tangible value and tax-deductible purposes.  Most often, though, these gifts are not assigned a value.  If this is the case, the item may still be considered for tax deductible purposes, but we advise that any donor consult with their accountant on this matter as several factors play a part in the value that may be assessed for non-appraised items.

For more information on planned giving to William Carey University, contact the Office for Advancement, Dean Pace at 601.318.6542 or