Medical Insurance Coverage

ll international students attending William Carey University must have the current major medical insurance coverage offered by the university.

LewerMark Copay Insurance for international students through CIGNA has been approved by William Carey University. 

Premium for 12 months is US$1080.00 (US$360.00 posted to the student’s account each trimester). 

Highlights of the plan: 

  • US$25 co-payment per doctor visit. 
  • US$100 co-payment per hospital visit. 
  • 100% coverage in the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network after co-payment (using a physician who is covered under the network). 
  • 80% coverage outside the PPO network after co-payment (using a physician not covered under the network). 
  • 100% coverage outside network for emergency care. 
  • 50% coverage on prescription drugs for outpatient care.