Program of Study

MSN portion of the degree will be accomplished by offering a redesigned MSN curriculum including 32 credit hours of course work. The redesigned MBA curriculum includes 21 credit hours of courses. The overall program credit hours for the MSN/MBA will be 53 credit hours.

Master of Science in Nursing - 32 credit hours required

Course NO. Course Name Course Hours
NUR 661 Teaching Advanced Assessment across the Lifespan. 3 hours
NUR 662 Teaching Pathophysiology and Pharmacology across the Lifespan. 2 hours
NUR 663 Theoretical Foundations of Professional/Advanced Practice in Nursing. 2 hours
NUR 621 Informatics in Nursing Education/ Introduction to Professional Writing. 3 hours
NUR 623 Research Methods and Applications in Nursing. 4 hours
NUR 660 Health Care Policy and Resource Allocation. 2 hours
NMBA 695 Strategic Health Care Management and Planning. 3 hours
NMBA 696 Healthcare Economics and Financial Management. 3 hours
NMBA 697 Nursing Administration Role Issues and Trends in Advanced Practice Nursing with Practicum (180 hours). 4 hours
NUR 698 Human Resources Management and Fiscal Policy. 3 hours
NUR 668 Capstone Project Planning. 2 hours
NUR 669 Capstone Project Implementation and Analysis. 1 hour

Master of Business Administration - 21 credit hours required

Course NO. Course Name Course Hours
NMBA 691 Accounting for the Healthcare Decisions. 3 hours
NMBA 692 Economic Principles and Concepts for the Healthcare Industry. 3 hours
NMBA 693 Healthcare Finance. 3 hours
NMBA 694 Legal Principles of Healthcare Administration. 3 hours
MBA 623 Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy. 3 hours
MBA 633 Business Ethics and Leadership. 3 hours
MBA 643 Organizational Behavior. 3 hours