NCTQ Standard 18 - Evidence of Effectiveness

The program’s graduates have a positive impact on student learning.

Standard applies to: Elementary and Secondary programs.

Student data systems that allow evaluation of teacher preparation programs now exist in only a small number of states. And even in those states, a first generation of systems may soon be supplanted by a second generation.  This standard and its indicator will develop in parallel with the development of student data systems nationwide.

For this first review of teacher preparation programs, the only programs that will be evaluated are those located in states in which student data systems allow association with graduates in their first year or two years of teaching with either:

  • A determination of individual student growth, OR
  • A determination of the teachers’ contribution to individual student growth.

Any institution located in a state whose data and evaluation systems do not meet either of these two criteria will receive a rating indicating that the standard is “not applicable”.

NCTQ’s own preference would be that only programs whose graduates on average are effective (i.e., at least half of a program’s graduates produce student learning gains in their first year) would meet this standard.  But the theory and practice of using student growth data to assess teacher preparation quality are still in their infancies, so we cannot at this point impose such a threshold. As more states build adequate data systems – a process that has been greatly accelerated by Race to the Top – we will adjust the standard and indicator accordingly.

Indicators that the program meets the standard:

18.1 The state’s own criteria for evaluating and rating teacher preparation programs and identifying those that meet or exceed state standards will determine a program’s rating under this standard.