Carey upgrades student data management system

William Carey University will upgrade its student system to Unit4 Student Management in the cloud. 
The university’s enrollment has grown steadily over the past nine years, which means operational requirements are increasingly complex. The addition of numerous doctoral, health care and professional programs, such as the College of Osteopathic Medicine, physical therapy, and the proposed School of Pharmacy, on multiple campuses was a key driver for the investment. At the same time, university administrators want to better meet the digital, self-service expectations of an expanding student body. 
Unit4’s Student Management provides a modern, cloud platform for interacting with students and managing student data and administration. Strategic initiatives are supported with actionable data drawn from built-in analytics like managing student recruitment and progression. 
Unit4 Student Management will deliver a completely new mobile experience for students. With the new system, students will be able to access course information, schedules, bills, financial aid etc. from their phones and tablets. Most importantly, they will be able to view degree and certificate requirements and track their completed coursework towards completion of their chosen degree or certificate program, which will help Carey to improve student success rates.
“Unit4’s new approach to student management is a breath of fresh air for William Carey,” said Jeffrey Andrews, director of information technology at William Carey University. “We have significantly expanded the number of courses we offer, so we need to cater to a growing number of students. Their expectations for the experience and service we deliver them is understandably high. We need flexible, modern technology that supports us as we grow, but more importantly helps us to support our students and faculty.” 
With configurable, drag-and-drop workflows William Carey is supported to employ data-driven marketing strategies to automate outreach campaigns based on prospect or alumnus behavior. And since the same CRM application is available throughout the institution to any user of the system, they will gain a true 360-degree view of an individual as they progress from potential applicant, to student, to alumnus, to potential donor.