WCU College of Osteopathic Medicine Partners with Hattiesburg Clinic

The William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine (WCUCOM)has established a partnership with Hattiesburg Clinic, enabling third-year medical students to complete their rotations at the clinic. To show WCU’s appreciation, Dr. Darrell Lovins, dean of the WCUCOM, presented a plaque to Dr. John Fitzpatrick, president of Hattiesburg Clinic, on Tuesday, January 24, in the presence of Hattiesburg Clinic’s executive committee and a few of the participating physician. The WCUCOM has 603 preceptors from Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida who have agreed to work with third year students for their clinical rotations. The WCUCOM is in its second year of operation, and the 101 members of the inaugural class, class of 2014, will begin their clinical rotations in August. Over the year, the students will each complete eight rotations, covering the areas of family medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, and psychiatry for a span of one-two months for each area.

(left to right, front row) Dr. Randolph Ross, chairman of surgery at Hattiesburg Clinic; Dr. Petra Schneider-Redden, plastic surgeon with Hattiesburg Clinic; Dr. John Fitzpatrick, president of Hattiesburg Clinic; Dr. Tommy King, president of William Carey University; Dr. Darrell Lovins, dean of the WCUCOM; (left to right, back row) Dr. H. Allen Gersh, medical director of Hattiesburg Clinic; Dr. Jim Turner, associate dean for clinical sciences and associate professor of medicine at WCUCOM; Dr. Glenn Campbell, chairman of family medicine and pediatrics; Dr. William Whitehead, general surgeon at Hattiesburg Clinic; and Tommy Thornton, executive director for Hattiesburg Clinic pose for a photo after a plaque was presented from the WCUCOM to Hattiesburg Clinic as a token of appreciation for allowing students to complete clinical rotations at the clinic beginning in August.