WCU LIBRARY to Host Bible Exhibit

Hattiesburg, Miss., August 13, 2013 - The William Carey University Smith Rouse Library will present an exhibit of its Bible facsimiles collection in the main foyer of the library on August 22-23 and August 26-30 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. This collection of Bible facsimiles demonstrates the development of Biblical translations that gradually served to place the Bible into the hands of laypersons, as well as how translations were impacted by the works of certain preceding translations. The exhibit is open to the public and free of charge.

The Bible facsimiles that will be on display include The King James Bible, 1611; The Bishops’ Bible, 1568; Codex Leningradensis, 1008; Stephanus' Greek New Testament, 1550; John Wycliffe's New Testament, 1382; William Tyndale's New Testament, 1536; Myles Coverdale's Bible, 1535; The Geneva New Testament, 1557; The Geneva Bible, 1560; The Rheims New Testament, 1582 (Translated from Latin Vulgate); The Holy Bible, An Exact Reprint Page for Page of the Authorized Version Published in the Year 1611; The Illuminated Bible, 1846, and Robert Aitken, First American, Complete English Bible, 1782.

For more information, please contact Reese Powell, public services librarian, at (601) 318-6787 or