Night/Saturday Program

Thank you for your interest in the Joseph and Nancy Fail School of Nursing at William Carey University. We hope the following information is helpful to you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to see a nursing advisor.

Admission to the School of Nursing is a separate process. Admission to the college does not mean that the student has been admitted to the School of Nursing.

The School of Nursing operates in accordance with requirements of state and national accreditation bodies. Planning related to curriculum, course scheduling, and staffing are made with consideration being given to these requirements. Admission is competitive for the designated number of students that can be accepted.

Night/Saturday nursing classes are admitted in the Spring Trimester at the Tradition campus and the fall trimester at the Hattiesburg campus if there is a qualified pool of applicants. All pre-requisite courses do not have to be completed prior to application, but the student must have successfully completed pre-requisite courses prior to starting the nursing major.

Once admitted to nursing on one campus, all nursing courses must be taken on that campus.

Admission to nursing is competitive and is based on:

  • Pre-admission exam score (version V) minimum composite score 67; {timed exam}. Applicants must create a new account at ID will show under account information. Retain this ID information and plan to bring with you to the exam. Practice exams can be purchased at Please see complete information on TEAS requirements. (Interested students should review website information on the TEAS prep course.)
  • GPA – Minimum of 2.75 in the courses counting toward the BSN degree is required for consideration for admission.
  • Hours taken at William Carey University

Computer requirement:

  • Students are encouraged to meet the computer requirement for William Carey University prior to admission to nursing.
  • The student must accomplish computer proficiency before LEVEL II or progression will be halted.
  • The requirement may be met in one of two ways:

    • Pass BUS 102 or its equivalent; or
    • Pass the Computer Proficiency Exam.

Previous Failures

Students with two nursing failures at William Carey University or any other nursing program must wait three years after the second failure to appeal to the Leadership Committee for permission to enter the competitive admission process.

Applicants with one nursing failure at any other nursing program may apply to the nursing program through the competitive admission process. If accepted, the student will begin as a new nursing student.

See current catalog section Requirements for all Degrees for additional information.