Post Master's Program in Healthcare Simulation Education

The Post-Master’s Healthcare Simulation Education program prepares healthcare educators to use simulation in instruction. Registered nurses with master’s degrees, and other healthcare educators with master’s degrees, are eligible for this program.

Admission requirements:

Master’s degree in a healthcare related field (verified through transcript); Application for Graduate Admission (only pages 2 and 3 must be submitted), GPA of 3.5 on master’s courses, and $30 application fee.

Note: Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores and references are NOT required for admissions to the post-master’s program.
The Post-Master’s in Healthcare Simulation Education program may be completed by taking the following courses:
15 hours required:



NUR 638- Teaching Strategies and Evaluation, 2 hours
NUR 671- Theoretical Foundations of Simulation, 3 hours


NUR 672- Clinical Simulation and Evaluation Strategies, 3 hours
NUR 673- Simulation Lab Design, 3 hours


NUR 674- Simulation Capstone, 2 hours


NUR 675- Simulation Capstone II, 2 hours

Contact information:
Hattiesburg Campus | 601-318-6301 |
Joseph and Nancy Fail School of Nursing
498 Tuscan Avenue Box 8
Hattiesburg, MS 39401