Programs & Courses

Intercultural Studies Major

Students who major in intercultural studies must earn the Bachelor of Arts degree. The major includes 30 semester hours of coursework with the following courses required: REL 310, 320, 405, 470, 480, 483, 484, and 497.

Students who major in intercultural studies are required to take a minor. A minor in any area within the arts, humanities, or sciences is recommended (i.e., philosophy, history, English, communication, theatre, Spanish, mathematics, biology, chemistry).

To fulfill language requirements, the student may elect any one of the following options: 1) 12 hours of Greek, 2) 12 hours of Hebrew, 3) six hours of Greek and six hours of Hebrew, or 4) 12 hours in a modern language (i.e., Spanish). Also, in fulfilling core curriculum requirements, students must take PHI 201 (introduction to philosophy), one psychology course, one course from sociology, political science, or economics, and six hours of literature with an ENG prefix (i.e., ENG 211-212).

Missions Minor

The missions minor includes 18 hours of coursework in addition to REL 101-102. The required courses for the missions minor are: REL 310, 320, 470, 480, 483, and 484.