RN/BSN Program

Registered nurses wishing to pursue a baccalaureate degree in nursing may complete the nursing component within 12 months at William Carey University. In order to meet the needs of the working registered nurse, courses are offered in an online format requiring three on-campus Saturday class meetings per term. The program consists of 66 hours of prerequisite courses and 21 hours of upper division course work. The student will be awarded 33 hours of credit applicable toward the degree requirements for current RN licensure.
Requirements for admission to the RN-BSN Program

  • Complete application for admission to William Carey University
  • Complete application for WCU School of Nursing
  • Graduation from a nationally accredited associate degree or diploma nursing program
  • Unencumbered licensure as a registered nurse
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on all courses taken toward meeting the nursing degree requirements
Progression Policy
  • Complete all nursing courses with a grade of C or better
  • Two failing grades in a course or failing two clinical courses renders the student ineligible to continue in nursing
  • Successful completion of the prerequisite courses with a C or better
  • Successful completion of the CPE or BUS 102 or its equivalent
  • Successful completion of the Computer Proficiency Examination
Graduation Policy
  • Complete at least 30 hours of credit at William Carey University
  • Complete the last 30 hours at William Carey University
  • Fulfill all requirements of the University for graduation
  • Complete all nursing courses with a C or better
  • Be recommended for graduation by the dean and faculty
Program of Study

Non-nursing courses may be completed at an individualized pace within six years of admission (see generic program of study).  These courses do not have to be completed prior to starting nursing courses.  The only prerequisite required is that statistics must be completed before taking NUR 412 – Introduction to Research.

Current Nursing Curriculum
  • NUR 315 Concepts of Baccalaureate Nursing
  • NUR 304 Health Assessment
  • NUR 307 Pathophysiology
  • NUR 412 Introduction to Research
  • NUR 414 Writing and Reporting Research
  • NUR 425 Managing Healthcare
  • NUR 432 Community Nursing

2 hours of Nursing Elective(s): (NUR 330 – Nursing Community Service may be used for a nursing elective)

Revised Nursing Curriculum (Fall 2013)
  • NUR 331- Assessment and Health Promotion for RNs
  • NUR 332- Pathophysiology for RNs
  • NUR 333- Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing
  • NUR 334- Introduction to Professional Writing and Informatics in Nursing for RNs
  • NUR 335- Consumers of Evidence-Based Practice for RNs
  • NUR 425- Managing Health Care
  • NUR 432- Community Nursing

2 hours of Nursing Elective(s) (NUR 330 – Nursing Community Service may be used for a nursing elective)