At Carey there are enough activities for those who want to be involved but not so many activities that they distract a student from focusing on the purpose for being there. Carey has a good balance, and I like that.

Carl Reynolds, Oxford, England, UK


Florent Sourice
Bachelor of Science in Business 2006
Masters of Business Administration 2007

I had a great overall experience at WCU. It started out randomly as I didn’t really pick WCU, it was chosen for me by a sports agency to come play soccer here. So my only expectations at the time were to win soccer games and have a pleasant experience in the US. I achieved both while in Mississippi but got so much more than that at William Carey University. I encountered amazing people who were warm, welcoming, and genuine. They taught me values and helped me grow as a person. I felt like I was part of a family while receiving a great education that supports me today in my work career and everyday life.


As an international student being far from home was not the easiest thing; but being at Carey has taught me so much more than I could ever have known. The Christian environment helped me recognize my values as an African woman from Rwanda. The cultural differences and beliefs I experienced at Carey made me more confident and grateful. As a member of Carey Connection, WCU’s student ambassador team, I was honored to experience the diversity of students that represented different continents. Our experiences made us very close as a Carey family. It has really been an honor to be part of the Carey family. It has made me the woman I am today, working as my father’s personal assistant in our family business. Wishing you all the best with regards from the Valley of a Thousand Hills!.

Joselyne Niyonshuti
Bachelor of Science in Business 2013


Andy Barron
Bachelor of Business Administration 2004

I completed my undergraduate degree with a major in Finance at William Carey University. As a native New Zealander I chose to study in the U.S. for the unique and exciting opportunity to excel in both academics and athletics.
My four years as a student athlete at William Carey were highly memorable. The traditional campus setting provided the backdrop for developing lasting fellowships with an internationally diverse group of students.
The quality of the curriculum and the pragmatic faculty provided a challenging and stimulating environment for learning. With a balance of theory and practice the course work helped prepare me for real-world business environments and equipped me with the confidence to shine.
Post-graduation has been marked with success both on and off the athletics field. After being selected to represent New Zealand in soccer I went on to play in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Following my soccer career my academic background coupled with professional experience has provided the perfect balance to develop my skillset as a Project Manager implementing corporate performance management solutions.


I came to Carey on the recommendation of a relative and it was one of the best decisions I have made. What stands out the most about my Carey experience is how caring and genuine the faculty, staff and students are. As an international student, being thousands of miles away from my family and friends was terrifying but within weeks of my arrival I felt like part of the Carey family and I had made lots of new friends. My professors and the staff were extremely invested in my future; not only did they want me to get good grades, they also wanted me to be successful in a career that I loved. That continual encouragement and support helped me choose a career in higher education and student affairs so I too can make the same difference in the lives of other students.

Tanya Mandishona
Bachelor of Science in Business, 2011
Master of Business Administration, 2012


Chatinoda Tinago
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2010

My twin sister, Chiwo came to William Carey a year before I arrived and throughout her first year, she would always tell me how much she was enjoying her studies here. Therefore, when I was deciding which college to attend, I knew that William Carey was the place for me. When I finally arrived, I experienced the warmth of southern hospitality and felt like I was part of a family. The care and kindness I received from faculty, staff and students at Carey was far beyond anything I expected to gain, and I created numerous lasting relationships which I cherish dearly. I was also very active on campus and being part of the Speech and Debate team in particular, allowed me to gain crucial lifelong skills. Additionally, I gained critical educational, personal and spiritual growth that has translated seamlessly in my career path.


This February I graduated from Carey again but obtained a Master’s degree in Elementary education. In 2013, with a major in psychology and a minor in business, I received my Bachelor of Science from William Carey. Before arriving at William Carey, I was majoring social work at Linyi University in China. For three and a half years at Carey, I have made a lot of friends who helped me with my study and life. Some invited me to their home on holidays and some cared about me and cheered me up. My professors always patiently answered my questions and guided me how to write a paper. Our conversation was always friendly and with a sense of humor. As I am leaving for China in early March, I feel like already missing Carey and her people.

Boning Li
Bachelor of Science 2014
Bachelor of Education 2015