Undergraduate Secondary Education Program


Spring 2013 - Program Rating - Common Core Middle School Content - NA

Teacher candidates, even those who excel in math, generally require three semesters of coursework, complemented by adequate field practice in order to progress from a procedural to a conceptual understanding of the essential mathematics topics taught in the elementary grades.

The program does not meet the standard because it requires that teacher candidates take little or no coursework designed to develop their conceptual understanding of elementary mathematics topics. It thus fails to ensure that all essential topics are adequately covered, regardless of the design of the instruction.

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Undergraduate Catalog

The program ensures that teacher candidates have the content preparation necessary to successfully teach to the Common Core State Standards.

Undergraduate Catalog

Common Core Middle School Content Requirements: Link to Undergraduate Catalog

Art Education pg. 88-94

Biology Education pg. 133-139

Biology/Chemistry Education pg. 133-142

English Education pg. 99-104

Mathematics Education pg. 146-149

Music Education pg. 159-171

Physical Education pg. 129-132

Social Studies Education pg. 95-98


Artifact: Degree Checklists

Art Education

Biology Education

Biology/Chemistry Education

English Education

Mathematics Education

Physical Education K-12

Social Studies Education