Once you have registered, you may change your schedule online (as normally done with drop add forms in the Registrar's Office) for the two-week pre-registration period without a fee. After that two-week period, a fee of $75.00 per drop will be automatically charged to your account, if you change your schedule, and it results in a decrease in your number of hours. No charges will apply if hours are added or stay the same. Plan ahead before you register, as the fee will be added automatically each time a drop is performed that results in a decrease in your number of hours.

  1. Before beginning the registration process, decide what courses you need to take based upon your program of study. Course schedules are available here:
    Catalogs and Schedules
    Consult with your adviser as needed or as required by your department.
  2. Login to the Indigo Student Portal:
    Indigo Portal Login
  3. Click CHANGE TERM on the menu, and select the term for which you will register.
  4. Click Registration on the menu. The Pre-Registration page opens allowing you to verify/update required demographic information and accept financial responsibility for your registered courses. The Registration page opens.
  5. Click Show Filter, if available. Do not click Hide Filter as this will prevent you from completing steps 5 - 8.
  6. Type the department of the course for which you would like to search in the Department input field. Example: NUR, BUS, EDU, REL, etc.
  7. Type the course number of the course for which you would like to search in the Course ID input field. Example: 2100, 1300, 4100, 4440, etc.
  8. Select the radio button next to the campus at which you are registering for this certain course.
  9. Click Apply Filter.
  10. You will now see a list of all courses matching your selected criteria.
  11. Check the credit box for the courses you wish to take.
  12. Repeat steps 5 through 10 to register for your remaining courses.
  13. Click Process Registration.
    • Once you have officially registered for classes you will see the Registration Checkout page with your schedule.
    • You can then print your schedule by clicking the printer icon.
    • You must make payment arrangements with the Business Office. You can also pay your bill online by clicking on My Ledger from the Indigo Portal Home page.
  14. If you are registering for more than one term, start again at #3 above, select the next term for which you need to register, and continue with the remaining steps. (Only in Spring for Summer/Fall registration.

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