All full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus with board unless the meet one of the following criteria: age 21, commute from home of parents (within a 50-mile radius), are married, or have children (referenced from The Student Handbook).

Did you know? According to 2010 statistics for the University of Northern Iowa, students who live on campus achieved higher grades than those living off campus; this was true not only for their freshman year, but also for the other college years. Students living on campus were nearly twice as likely to make the Dean’s List. Those statistics also showed that students who lived on campus for two years were 25% more likely to graduate than the students who only lived on campus for their freshman year.

Living on campus makes a lot of sense and we believe you will find residential life at Carey to be a great investment. We provide a safe living environment with hall directors and resident assistants who have been trained to handle diverse situations.

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