School of Pharmacy Student Services

The School of Pharmacy’s Office of Student Services serves students and faculty in aiming towards academic excellence, growth and leadership.  To achieve these, we offer free services to our students when they need guidance.  Our services help to strengthen our students’ journey within the pharmacy program.  If you need advisement or guidance, we can help.  Our services include:

  • Tutoring Assistance – Individual or group sessions can be arranged for a variety of courses. Arrangements are made upon completion of a tutor request form, which is available in Room A216 at the Tradition Campus.  This service is free to students.

  • Academic/Counseling Services – We are pleased to offer guidance and assistance to students who desire to extend their formal education into graduate or professional study. Assistance with the Doctor of Pharmacy program, financial aid and school processes are offered to students to help them pursue their goals. Personal counseling is available to students free of charge.

  • Student Life/Conduct - Student organizations at William Carey represent the diversity of campus life – academic, leadership, religion, service, social activities and more. There are several student groups on campus or you can coordinate starting one of your own.  Community life at William Carey University is founded upon the moral principles of Jesus Christ.  As such, the Student Code of Conduct is a pledge on the part of each student to conduct himself or herself in a Christian manner at all times.

  • ADA/Disability Services – We are dedicated to providing services for students with disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In order to receive services, the student must self-report his/her disability to the Office of Student Services.

Call, stop by or email the Student Services Office at the Tradition Campus for answers to your questions or to receive helpful tips and resources.

Student Services Office:

William Carey University
School of Pharmacy
Brandi Donohoe
Student Services Coordinator
Room A-132
Phone:  228-702-1783

Start your future in Pharmacy today. A Doctor of Pharmacy is only two-years and ten months away!

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