Policy on Student Complaints

William Carey University seeks to provide each student with a positive educational experience. Students who experience difficulty are encouraged to make every attempt to resolve the problem informally by discussing the problem with those who are closest to the source. However, students who wish to file formal complaints related to university policies, procedures, faculty, employees, or other issues may do so by following the guidelines presented below. The following chart is intended as a guide for successfully completing the four procedural steps outlined below the chart. None of the parties involved in a student complaint may be represented by anyone other than himself/herself during any phase of the complaint procedure.

(Course-related issues that are not grades; issues related to faculty)
  1. Faculty Member
  2. Department Chair
  3. Dean of School
  4. Vice President for Academic Affairs
(Grade Appeals and Issues related to university academic policies)
  1. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  1. Director of Admissions
  1. Head Coach of Sport Involved
  2. Director of Athletics
Business Services
  1. Student Account Supervisor
  1. Vice President for Student Support
Discriminatory Harassment
  1. Vice President for Student Support or Administrative Dean, Tradition
Financial Aid
  1. Director of Financial Aid
Housing & Residence Life
  1. Director of Residence Life
  2. Vice President for Student Support
Physical Facilities
  1. Director of Physical Facilities
Sexual Offenses
  1. Vice President for Student Support or Administrative Dean, Tradition
Student Activities
  1. Director of Student Activities
  2. Director of Athletics
Student Assistance
  1. Vice President for Student Support
Student Judicial Affairs
  1. Vice President for Student Support
Other Student Issues
(Security, Cafeteria, Etc.)
  1. Vice President for Student Support

Procedural Steps



A typewritten, signed complaint should be filed with the faculty member or administrator who is closest to the source of the complaint except for grade appeals. Complaints not resolved at one level should be presented to those at increasingly higher levels of responsibility and authority as outlined above. Grade appeals must be initiated on the appropriate form within 10 working days of the beginning of the subsequent term. Contact the Academic Affairs Office to request a Grade Appeal Form and instructions for submitting a grade appeal




After receiving a complaint in the first category (number 1) above, the faculty member will respond to the complaint within seven working days after receiving the complaint. If the student is not satisfied with the response, he/she may appeal to the higher level of authority. Each level of authority must respond to the complaint within seven working days of receiving the complaint. If the student does not receive a response in the allotted time, he/she may proceed to the next level of authority without the previous level signature.

If the complaint is related to any category after the first (numbers 2-15) an administrator will initiate a full investigation of the complaint which will be completed in 30 working days or less. If an investigation is required to deal with the complaint during this investigative phase, the investigator will determine a response to the complaint that will provide as much corrective action as possible from his/her level of authority.

During the investigation, none of the parties involved may have an attorney present.




The investigator will then meet with the student who filed the complaint and explain what action will be taken to correct the situation.




The complainant may then accept the corrective action as offered, or appeal the decision to the person at the next level of authority. Any complaint not resolved at the highest level should be presented in writing to the president of the university (or designee) who will provide the final response to the complaint.


For clarification of any part of this process, please contact the Office of Student Support.

In the unlikely event that a complaint cannot be resolved through the internal complaint process of William Carey University, students may file a complaint with the Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation using the MCCA Student Complaint Form within two years of the incident.

This process is not applicable for matters related to student grades or discipline/conduct matters. All WCU internal complaint and/or grievance procedures must be exhausted before directing a complaint to MCCA.

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