We seek to prepare you to attempt great things for God.

The Christian Studies degree is an interdisciplinary major which includes courses in biblical studies, church history, theology, and practical ministry. If you’ve been trying to decide between a professional degree and a ministry degree, this major provides you with an opportunity to do both!

Program Overview


A minimum of 120 credit hours is required to obtain a B.S. or B.A. in Christian Studies. This involves core curriculum hours, 39 degree-specific hours, and hours required for the minor or double-major of the student’s choice.

The program can be completed in two to four years, depending on student’s previously earned hours.

Delivery Method

All classes for a degree in Christian Studies are delivered in-person at our Hattiesburg Campus.

Ministry internships are completed at the church or ministry of the student's choice, with faculty approval.

Required Classes

Biblical Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology I and II, Internship in Ministry, Christian Ethics, History of Christianity, and Christian Preaching and Teaching

To fulfill language requirements for a Bachelor of Arts, students may take 12 hours of Biblical Greek or Hebrew, or 12 hours in a modern language (i.e. Arabic, Spanish).

Career Outlooks

Students in the Christian Studies degree are taught to faithfully exegete and communicate scripture, effectively apply biblical doctrines, compassionately minister to the needs of the congregation, and intentionally lead the church to fulfill the Great Commission both locally and globally.

These skills will prepare you to engage in full-time ministry work, or to bring the gospel message to your vocational field.

Popular Double Major Choices Include:

  • Christian Studies and Psychology
  • Christian Studies and Strategic Communication & Leadership
  • Christian Studies and Education

Set Yourself Apart

The Christian Studies program broadens your field of opportunities because your educational decision is no longer an “either, or”. The Cooper School of Missions and Ministry Studies allows you to do both.

Our students are also eligible for ministerial scholarships from the Mississippi State Baptist Convention, in addition to Phi Theta Kappa and endowment opportunities.


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