The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Professions degree is designed to prepare students with foundational healthcare knowledge for educational pathways into baccalaureate-required allied health professions. Advanced courses required by specific allied health education programs will build a foundation on the university core courses for students to meet required admission standards of allied health programs requiring a baccalaureate degree.

Program Overview


The program can be completed in as little as 12 months.

Delivery Method

Health Professions courses offered in an online format.
General education requirements may or may not be available online.

Applicant Prerequisites & Requirements

Prospective Students must:

  • Submission of a completed application to William Carey University
  • Must be in good standing at William Carey University and have a cumulative grade point average ≥ 2.75
  • Must have a minimum grade of C in all transfer courses
  • Hold an associate's degree in a health-related field AND be registered/licensed/certified in a health-related field
  • Submit the completed and notarized criminal background check affidavit
  • Evidence of a negative drug screen prior to participating in a practicum course

Bachelor of Science in Health Professions Fact Sheet

Career Outlooks

Graduates will be qualified to begin or continue practice in allied health programs requiring a baccalaureate degree.


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