Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Abbie McMahon

Records Specialist

Laura Scovel

Records Specialist, VA

Hannah Cook-Kelley

Director of Student Activities

Angela Andrews

Administrative Assistant to Student Life

Amy Coursey

Administrative Assistant for Student Support

Emily Lanyon

Area Coordinator for Women's Housing
(601) 318-6102

Zachary Singletary

Area Coordinator for Men's Housing

Karen Jackson

Assistant Professor of Education

Christina Liverett

Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6609

Eugene Owens

Assistant Professor of Education

Leilia Perez

Part-Time Administrative Assistant to the School of Education
(601) 318-6091

Mike Reed

Assistant Professor of English
(601) 318-6626

Rosemary Woullard

Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6716

David Bryan

Assistant Professor of Guitar
(601) 318-6056

Jessica Bryan

Assistant Professor of Piano
(601) 318-6066

Brian Murphy

Assistant Professor of Piano Studies

Jude Haney

Assistant Professor of Health Information Management and Program Director, HIM
(601) 318-6708

Zachary Johnson

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist for Nursing at the Tradition Campus

Alicia Lundstrom

Associate Professor of Nursing and Undergraduate Academic Director
(601) 318-6709

Kamal Abouzaid

Assistant Professor Preclinical Sciences

Teresa Camp-Rogers

Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences

Angela Davis

Administrative Assistant for Family Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Kirsten Davis

Administrative Assistant to WCUCOM Administration
(601) 318-6572

Shea Gibson

Clinical Rotations Counselor
(601) 318-6529

Jennifer Hotzman

Assistant Professor of Preclinical Sciences