What Is Early Alert?

The Early Alert System is a retention program that puts students in contact with the appropriate campus resources in order to assist them in meeting their educational goals at William Carey University. Faculty and staff members contribute directly to the Early Alert System’s success by referring students who are doing poorly in their academic work, are chronically absent from class, are exhibiting disruptive behavior or are having difficulty adjusting to campus life. William Carey University is committed to the retention and graduation of its students by providing a learning environment that is conducive to student success. The Early Alert System has been put in place to help ensure that every student is able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available.

Faculty and staff members may also refer students who are having personal or financial issues that are making it difficult for them to be successful. Any behavior or issue that the faculty or staff member expects to affect the student’s likelihood of success is an acceptable reason for a referral. The referral will allow us to connect the student to resources that address a wide range of concerns.

The Early Alert Referral form below is to be used by faculty and staff to notify the Coordinator for Retention. Contacting students early greatly increases their chances for success in class and college as a whole. However, intervention at any time is critical and this procedure is not intended as a substitute for the instructor informing students of their academic progress. The Coordinator will encourage students to speak with their instructors, as well as refer them to campus services for assistance.

The Process

Instructors refer eligible students to the Early Alert System through the use of the simple form attached. Please include as much detail as possible. All information will be handled confidentially and shared only with those students receiving a referral. Upon submitting the form, the referring faculty or staff member will receive a response to confirm their submission. The submitted information is sent via email to both the Coordinator for Retention and Completion and the individual making the referral. Students referred to the Early Alert program are contacted initially by phone and/or email by the Coordinator for Retention. The Coordinator then works to schedule an appointment with the student to discuss the concerns expressed by the faculty or staff member and to develop an academic success plan. As part of that plan, the Coordinator may refer students to other campus offices as appropriate. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to follow up and take advantage of the resources and referrals made available to him/her.

The Coordinator will maintain contact with students as appropriate to assist with the completion of their academic success plan. For more information on the Early Alert Program, please contact the Coordinator for Retention at: abond@wmcarey.edu or (601) 318-6071.

Click here to fill out an Early Alert Form

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